LORD Ashcroft’s newly published polemical commentary, First Lady: Intrigue At The Court Of Carrie And Boris Johnson, is due to appear in bookshops next month.

In his book, Ashcroft, former deputy Conservative Party chairman, makes an unvarnished attack on Carrie Johnson. Ashcroft contends that she has an undue influence in the decision-making of her vacillating, irresolute husband. Carrie Johnson has also been compared to Lady Macbeth, the real power behind the throne of bumbling Boris.

To extend the analogy, I can imagine the reproachful Carrie Johnson/Lady MacBeth saying to the conflicted Boris/Macbeth that he is “infirm of purpose.” I wonder, who will be Macduff?

Sandy Gordon

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AWE didums, Princess Carrie chucking the toys oot the newly decorated flat (Carrie Johnson issues statement hitting back at ‘brutal briefing campaign’, Feb 7). So is she actually telling people Boris really is the brains behind running the country? If so, he is solely responsible for what happens in his own house!

Des McFarlane
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