I READ George Kerevan’s article on December 27 (Here’s what we can expect 2022 to throw our way). I was so impressed that I have just read it again.

What a pessimistic outlook!! But, do you know what? He’s 100% correct. Well, maybe he is.

I can’t back up his opinion on China not invading Taiwan.

After all, they have been at loggerheads for years, but China does seem to have a more outward-looking stance nowadays so perhaps they won’t.

Most of the rest is exactly what I’ve been saying in letters sent in to yourselves over the past several months, except perhaps the bit about the American presidency. However, I agree that President Biden’s performance has been so lacklustre that he is virtually holding open the door for “The Donald” to return. Is that not a tragedy? Here’s a man who, just like Boris, is verging on the edge of criminality. Yet America seems likely to put him back in charge.

What’s wrong with the world? Are there no decent people who can run our countries in ways that are both unselfish and considerate of what the electorate want? Do we really need to appoint narcissistic, selfish and corrupt ne-er-do-wells into the most powerful posts in our respective countries?

Covid won’t go away. It will become just another version of the flu that we have to be jabbed against each year. It is, after all, a form of coronavirus. And yes, it does give our First Minister the excuse she needs to bypass an independence referendum yet again. Let’s face it, we had to stop Brexit happening before we could have a referendum. Then we had to make sure we got the best possible deal, once Brexit went ahead anyway, before we could have a referendum. And now we have the permanent excuse that we can’t have a referendum as long as we have to fight Covid and recover from it.

Well, that’s not good enough. The SNP at all levels tell us incessantly that we need the full powers of an independent nation before we can bring in the measures to defeat Covid and recover economically from the damage that’s been done both by it and by Brexit. At this point in time, they are allowing Covid to defeat us by not moving to gain those powers through a referendum – or by any other necessary means.

We need to change our priorities, burst through the Covid myth and gain independence. Then we can gain and use the measures we need, to recover medically and economically from both Covid and Brexit.

Past experience backs up the probability of yet another cyber-attack. It’s profitable for criminals and disruptive for terrorists. Both of those are sources of such a possible attack. And it might well be the cause of the stock market collapse that George also predicts. If you want to go even further back in time, Nostradamus predicted that the human race would not last many years beyond 2020 unless it changed its ways. Unless we do change our ways, global warming might just be what causes our demise!

Yes, as George says, “Have a good New Year!” Unless we change our ways, it might just be our last!

Charlie Kerr


I NOTICED that of all the Scottish political parties (including the branch managers) only one mentioned the word independence in their New Year message and it was not the SNP. Now we have devo-max being suggested as an option in a referendum – put forward by an SNP member.

I always thought that the raison d’être for the SNP was the achieving of independence.

Neil M Shaw