THE statement from the First Minister on Wednesday regarding the pandemic, I heard the opposition leader Douglas Ross question why the Scottish Government is continuing with its 10-day isolation period for those testing positive?

In reply the FM made it clear that with the number of cases rising exponentially this cautious approach was needed to try to stem the rise and protect frontline workers and our NHS. Mr Ross went on to question the FM on support for businesses in light of the pandemic.

Perhaps I can direct this question back to Mr Ross and request he makes an urgent call to the UK Chancellor who holds the purse strings necessary and can pull the levers that could save thousands of businesses and jobs.

This year was a disastrous year for so many businesses and individuals. If we are to start 2022 with any form of security for businesses and jobs, we must see action right now with the re-introduction of furlough by the UK Chancellor.

Catriona C Clark