THE UK Prime Minister’s office would have us believe that the latest photo of Boris Johnson and his staff flouting the lockdown rules in May 2020 is really of a “work meeting” in the garden of No 10 Downing Street.

During my career I attended more meetings than I care to remember. None of them entailed one group of four people sitting apart from another group of four people with yet another group of nine people standing even further away. Work meetings generally meant those attending had some relevant papers, an agenda or a laptop, none of which can be seen in the photo. Certainly, I never attended a work meeting with alcohol in evidence: or one where the boss’s wife chose to come along as well.

We are now used to the mendacity of the statements from Johnson’s outfit. Now they are simply taking the public for fools.

Gavin Brown

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THE picture of a “work meeting” in the garden of No 10 Downing Street is a work of fiction.

Was it “take your wife to work day”? If this is what the Tories call work – cheeseboards and wine on your “desk” – then it is no wonder we are in the mess we are. Even with picture evidence and everyone of us seeing with out own eyes, Boris is still denying. It’s the Eton/Tory way – don’t care what you think or see, I am telling you it was a work meeting.

These obnoxious people should not be anywhere near Downing Street or any work place. Ask yourself where else would you see cheese and wine and partners at work other than a PARTY.

Winifred McCartney

AS the Tories anguish in hypocrisy over the state of the party due to Johnson, the blame game by them is misplaced.

They want more humility from Johnson, the unelected Baroness Davidson wants a more sober leader and the chorus of others say he has one year to sort things out!

This sudden apologetic nonsense from the Tory hordes is jaw-dropping! They all knew and know what he was and is like. They have all gone along with the lies and sleaze and dishonestly ever since he became PM! They have been cheerleaders all along. They all tried to change the rules to get Paterson off the hook. They are all implicit in the corruption since he became leader. Only this time they have been found out!

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All that will happen is that another Johnsonian Tory clone from the cesspit of Toryism will take over!

The present Cabinet all cheered and lapped it up when the sleaze and good times were in full flow. The doling out of money, billions to be precise, to chums and acquaintances on contracts without tender. The smirking at society.

England is stuck with that heap! It voted for the Tories, it voted for Brexit and the English Labour red wall areas were sucked in as well!

Mea culpa, or Johnson’s culpa, is misplaced; they are all to blame for being complicit in their leader’s corruption. They used to laugh it off – it’s only Boris!

Never trust a Tory when they “repent”! They are just trying to save themselves in the eyes of the electorate and then continue as before.

Johnson has not led them astray, he personifies the whole rotten heap!

John Edgar

SO the Illiberal Dums won a midterm by-election in Middle England. So what? They always do. They are a safe bet for the English nationalist voters. Nothing changes. The English Liberal “revival” always fades away come General Elections. You know what happens to inbetweeners come the crunch. They always get crushed.

In Scotland, we have a real choice: independence. England had its “freedom” day and is still paying for it. Nothing like what they will have to pay when they lose the Scottish mulch cow and the sheep finally revolt and revert to their lion status and show them what a Freedom day really means.

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Coal Hamiltoon may have taken over from the grinning Wee Wullie Rennie but will have nothing to grin about when all the Unionist parties lose their Scottish Westminster seats as predicted in the recent polls, not covered by the EBC and the rest of the English-owned media in Scotland. The Illiberal Dums can sing public schoolboy Christmas carol parodies on the Westminster gravy train, as they always do. But, they are a mere pimple on the bums of the two Tory parties and will get the proverbial bum’s rush when the gravy train always stops at the General Election polling station.

Donald Anderson

RECENTLY Boris Johnson has welcomed a new daughter into the world, but his attitude to the female gender has never been good.

Most recently over the 2020 Christmas parties debacle, former No 10 spokeswoman Allegra Stratton resigned just for speaking about the parties on a training video clip.

Jack Doyle – a man – who reportedly handed out awards at the party, was let off the hook, undisciplined by Johnson. Boris Johnson condoned his conduct. Doyle was willing to let someone else take the flak and resign.

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Yet Jack Doyle is the Downing Street press officer, directly involved in repeatedly denying the entire story. He failed abysmally in his job; he effectively became the story. Surely he should have been sacked or resigned?

As Sarah Vine In the Daily Mail put it: “Why does it always have to be the woman who carries the can for the mistakes of men?” The question about Christmas parties in 2020 in Downing Street was raised by a man in the training video – but he still has his job! Vine advised Allegra Stratton that “to remain in such a nest of cowards and vipers would have been a colossal act of self-harm!” She knows what she is talking about – she is divorcing Michael Gove!

Andrew Milroy
Trowbridge, Wiltshire