“SHAMEFUL” was the cry from Ian Blackford MP at PMQs, shameful to impose a new tax on the young and low earners through National Insurances increases. But Mr Blackford didn’t stop there, as he claimed Conservative austerity had returned. Furlough and the temporary uplift to Universal Credit are about to end. Conservative austerity is always around, it is never far away, and Scotland more than ever must recognise we didn’t vote Conservative and we certainly didn’t vote for austerity.

Catriona C Clark

WATCH: Ian Blackford blasts Boris Johnson for backing 'austerity 2.0'

NATIONAL Insurance payments and payouts should continue for a lifetime. No payments for people earning an income of, say, £500 per week, which would be made up to that for everyone earning less. All income above that would be taxed at a fixed percentage. This would apply to everybody of whatever age, and would be enough to pay for free health care of all kinds. It would also do away with employers’ NI payments. it would apply to everyone residing in the UK.

William Purves
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