FOOD waste, rotting, a disgraceful oversight, a crime before our very eyes – four million heads of cauliflower lost! The immigration policy is too hostile to provide sufficient pickers. The callousness of the Westminster government is there for everyone to see. A fast-track scheme is needed to acquire pickers, improve distribution and establish HGV licences. But no action ... we are not governed. We are subject to laissez-faire rule. Fingers crossed, something will turn up and I’ll be alright anyway.

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This is the mentality of so many Tories. These problems don’t affect me. I’m fine. Why change anything? And if you’re down on your luck, there’s all those food banks and charity shops. So what’s your problem?

What a disgrace with no signs of improvement! We clearly need a change. Scotland is a caring country. We urgently need to sever our ties with a corrupt, selfish Westminster. ASAP Nicola, please!

Robin MacLean
Fort Augustus