OVER the last couple of weeks, I’ve been asking myself, “Do the SNP truly want independence or are they actually advocating remaining part of the UK?”

Let’s consider a couple of National headlines: “SNP hit out at PM for leaving thousands in visa limbo.” (July 1). Just as he did with Brexit, when he shouted that Scotland would not be taken out of Europe against its will; and argued for months that Scotland should have a deal similar to Ireland - neither of which came to fruition – so Ian Blackford has argued that the immigration policy is harmful both to Scotland and to any EU Citizens who have chosen to settle in Scotland. And all that Boris Johnson has done for the whole of that period, is stick up two fingers and tell him to get knotted.

This was swiftly followed on July 2 by: “Incompetent Shower – blast at Tories.” Why? Because the thousands of EU settlers, who put their trust in the SNP getting something done for them, suddenly found out just how powerless the SNP is at Westminster. This forced Boris to state that even if their application is in late, it will still be dealt with. So, what do the SNP do? They stand up on their hind legs and call the Tories an incompetent shower.

All this does is underline to the general public that Boris and his cohort are getting on with business other than Covid.

It demonstrates that they have put an immigration policy in place that people are going to be forced to comply with. It’s a policy that has been branded “inhumane” and “unlawful” by the international community. Nevertheless, it’s in place and immigrants will be forced to adhere to it. It is entirely unsuitable to the needs of Scotland and its many industries that rely on transient workers. But the Tories have adequately shown that they don’t care about Scotland. They’ve given us a Brexit deal that has decimated our fishing industry and a Trade Deal with Australia that is likely to do the same to our farmers.

Again, the SNP at Westminster spoke out strongly against that Australian deal and asked for limits to be placed on it to protect the Scottish farmers. What did Boris do? Nothing – other than get the deal through and onto the statute book. Once again it can be argued that the SNP let Scotland down by accepting this deal. But the truth is that they could do nothing about it. Boris has an 80-seat majority and he will do whatever he wants. The SNP are absolutely powerless to stop him.

In the meantime, what has our Scottish Government done? Oh, They’re busy with Covid. DUH!! But Boris and his cohort of international lawbreakers and hoodlums have also been dealing with Covid and they’re getting other things done. Oh, of course, the Scottish Government has made representations to Westminster and has complained about the way we are being treated. Boris and his gang have ignored them.

What else has Holyrood been up to? The main theme coming out of Holyrood for weeks, seems to have been trying to agree that if a man, without any medical, psychological or psychiatric intervention, decides that he is actually a woman, and wants to use a ladies’ toilet, can he do so? Deciding on his rights in that respect – a matter that affects only 2% of the population, but disregards the rights of around 50% of the population, (the ladies into whose toilets he wishes to enter), appears more important than independence. They’ve certainly spent enough time on it!

Independence used to be wanted by around 59% of the population but, due to the SNP’s dithering is now only wanted by some 48% of the population. Yet, we hear from the SNP all the time that we will only get what we want when we have independence.

Maybe they’ve been waiting for today’s headline, “Prime Minister wants to scrap Holyrood.” so that they can sit back and not bother about independence. Now, unless I see them make some sort of positive leadership effort in the direction of independence in the very near future, I shall have to conclude that, “They would prefer us to remain part of the UK.” Maybe we should have voted Alba?

Charlie Kerr