IT is extremely disappointing that James Dornan MSP is stepping away from his campaign to tackle sectarianism in Scotland (Why I’m giving up my campaign against sectarianism ... no-one cares enought to stop it, January 12).

He has led where many other politicians have simply failed, he dared to tackle sectarianism while others were too afraid to raise their voices against this poison in our society.

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He should be congratulated for all that he did – it’s just a shame that he feels he can’t do anymore as the rest of society haven’t got his courage to stand up to sectarian bullies.

He is right that too many people within politics (James Kelly MSP – I hope you’re paying attention), football and society in general are happy to ignore or even use sectarianism to boost their own interests.

The fact that James has backed out of this battle is no reflection on his courage, strength and determination but instead is a poor reflection on the rest of us.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren