IN The National on June 19, Angus Cochrane reported that Ian Blackford, the SNP Leader at Westminster, had asked the Prime Minister Theresa May how she could tolerate Boris Johnson as a future Prime Minister even though he had published James Michie’s poem Friendly Fire demanding that every Scot be “exterminated”.

The poem was published in 2004 while MP Mr Johnson was still editing The Spectator. It started by calling the Scots a “verminous” race of “tartan dwarves” and then proposed not only isolation in “ghettos” but “comprehensive extermination”. The most disturbing aspect of the poem is its use of language linked to the Holocaust and Hitler’s plan for the extermination of every Jew in Europe. Phrases such as “penning in ghettos” and “final solution” leave little doubt that the poem was calling for a Nazi-style genocide to snuff out the entire Scottish nation.

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But Michie and Johnson were not just calling for the death of five million Christian Scots, they were also seeking the death of thousands of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs. At a time when Mr Johnson was shadow culture secretary in the Cabinet of the Welsh Jewish party leader, and despite professing to be a friend of Jews and Israel, Mr Johnson was promoting a call for every Scottish Jew to be rounded up and transported to death camps to be exterminated. Publishing a demand for a thousand Jewish children to be shot, strung up, or ushered into gas chambers is an odd way for Johnson to show his love for Jews and Zion.

Ethnic cleansing to rid parliament of every Scot would also have been required. Amongst Scottish MPs targeted would be the Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, the Health Secretary and future Home Secretary John Reid, and Charlie Falconer the Lord Chancellor. Death threats were also extended to Ian Duncan Smith, born Edinburgh, Norman Lamont of the Shetland Isles, the Malcolm Rifkin (Jewish family), Alex Salmond, Charles Kennedy, and Ming Campbell. Even more bizarre was the demand for the slaughter of the Scottish chairman of the Conservative party, Dr Liam Fox. Finally the Speaker (not Bercow but Michael Martin) would also have been for the chop. Michie and Johnson were calling for murder at Westminster on a scale unimagined since the days of Guy Fawkes.

Others marked down for death included broadcasters: Fiona Bruce, Kirsty Wark, Sarah Smith, and George Galloway and political journalists Alastair Campbell, Michael Gove and Andrew Neil. If the Queen is partly Scottish she too would be included in the genocidal plan.

As a new MP Mr Johnson must have sworn the Parliamentary Oath of Loyalty. His promise of loyalty was clearly broken by the poem describing the Queen’s Scottish mother as a pollutant. Michie died in 2007 but the poem (originally published in The Spectator on August 14 2004) continued to be displayed on

The Spectator’s archive site in 2019. Despite Mr Johnson’s appointment as Prime Minister in July, his advocacy of Scottish genocide for 5,500,000 men, women and children was still being displayed in the Spectator’s archives.

So remember, brave Scots, for full on Armageddon just vote for Boris Johnson.

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IT is beyond belief that any decent person could vote for a party with Boris Johnson at its head. If he dithers and delays over helping the South Yorkshire flood victims, how can he be given the responsibility for running a country? We need a decent human being in charge. Why does so much of the press in a so-called democracy support this man?

David Egdoll