AS a Scottish customer of Sky and a long time one at that, I am really disappointed to discover that their Scottish customers are of no relevance to their business and that they appear to think Scottish votes are of no consequence in parliament.

The SNP is the third-largest party in Westminster yet they are choosing to ignore that and include the fourth-largest party, the LibDems, instead. My understanding is that all votes in parliament are equal, and how the SNP MPs vote will count just the same as the LibDems, yet Sky are choosing the undemocratic route of silencing one of the nations of the UK.

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Do they think SNP votes and opinions are irrelevant? Are they trying to manipulate the election by failing to include the third-largest party? Should Scotland not have a say in running the country of which it is currently a part? Failing to include the SNP Leader is saying exactly that to the 59 constituencies and the Scottish voters. Is Scotland an equal partner? I don’t think so!

Christine Smith