LIKE so many others, I have moved from having some respect for Gordon Brown to having none at all.

Yet again we have been subjected to his vilification of the Scottish independence movement under the guise of protesting No-Deal Brexit.

While asserting “You’re either committed to stopping no-deal – or you’re not,” Brown conveniently ignores the actions of the SNP “extreme” nationalists; the politicians who have made last-minute Article 50 revocation possible. An alternative which would stop No-Deal Brexit and which may yet prove crucial for the whole of the Union to which he is so committed.

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As Brown sermonises that the UK is “sleepwalking into oblivion”, fuelled by a “destructive, populist, nationalist ideology”, he equates the desire for self-determination in Scotland and increasingly in Wales with Brexit-fuelled, Trumpian, English nationalism. This is not an honest comparison.

He pleads that as an “outward-looking, tolerant, fair-minded and pragmatic people” the British people can recover their common purpose. But what if that no longer exists? What if we don’t want to?

This notion of Britain that Brown so strongly adheres to and that Theresa May found so “precious”, is a relatively modern construct. In its current formulation (Britain+NI) it has existed for less than 100 years, and Brexit has now clearly exposed that there are fundamental differences between the ambitions of the Scottish and English populations.

Scotland voted REMAIN. Gordon Brown knows that. Scotland will be significantly damaged by a No-Deal Brexit (indeed, any Brexit). Gordon Brown certainly knows that. Scotland is striving to be an “outward-looking, tolerant, fair-minded and pragmatic” country. If he were honest, Gordon Brown knows that too.

So why does Gordon Brown insist that Scotland must abandon its aspirations and be injured to protect this Union? If, as Brown insists, this Union is so successful, why would it be that these “nationalist” movements have taken hold at all?

Perhaps Gordon Brown should take some time to muse on that!

Iona Easton

ALL Brexit has done, through Farage and his henchmen, is to lay bare the deep divisions in our society.

Years of right-wing political and economic assault on ordinary folk has resulted in them becoming more insular, to the point where Thatcher’s claim that there is no such thing as society has come to be.

Many can no longer view anything that happens beyond their front door as relevant to them.

Everyone outwith our family and social group now seems a competitor.

There is little recognition or acceptance of pooling resources for a common good. For example, many view our contribution to the EU as a financial burden, rather than the investment it is.

And where we see a face that is different to ours, we merely use that difference to facilitate our disdain for others.

Hitler blamed Jews to foment his fascist regime. Haven’t we used Eastern Europeans from the EU to do no less?

We defeated fascism before, now we embrace it to justify our arrogance of perceived superiority. After all, didn’t we win the war?

We live in a society of many cultures rather than the multi-cultural society we claim. We apportion labels of race, religion, sexuality, gender etc which amplify the differences between us and serve to encourage discrimination.

We have become a very fractured society where we trumpet our own interests, with a middle finger pointed skywards to those who do not share our status.

Brown is right. Division, intolerance and introversion.

However, we in Scotland can choose our own way. And that should be our focus.

Yes, I would seek to create yet another element of difference. Being a Scot. And I justify this because we would be seeking the start point of no other level of difference than that enjoyed by every other free nation on our planet.

Not for us the ravages of English and Westminster intolerance.

Sun Tzu advised never to engage with an enemy intent on destroying itself. We should leave English Westminster to get on with whatever it chooses to do. They will have to live with the consequences.

But we Scots don’t. We have a different job to do. And that is to build a better Scotland for all Scots and those domiciled here, where we all benefit from living, working, paying our taxes and raising our families here for the common good as well as our own.

We know we’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns. And that’s an ideal launchpad to create a fairer society in the best wee country in the world.

For Scotland. For us. For all.

Jim Taylor

GORDON Brown says: “We are, at best, only a precariously united kingdom”, going on to ‘blame “destructive, nationalist ideology” and said the ideal of Britishness as tolerant “could not survive” a No-Deal Brexit!

Mr Brown should address his concerns directly to the party he is a member of, the Labour party who are the official opposition in Westminster. In three

years of Brexit negotiations, the Labour party have brought no constructive agenda to the table and the question is exactly what is the Labour Party’s agenda on Brexit and indyref2?

The Labour Party’s only constructive move in three years is taking a leaf from the Conservative government’s agenda, fighting like ferrets in a sack with front bench resignations. Mr Brown is concerned about the future of the United Kingdom, blaming “destructive nationalist ideology”. He may want to consider which party have consistently opposed Brexit and especially a No Deal in recognition of the 62% Remain vote in Scotland. It is the SNP. Consistently speaking up for Scotland’s interest and opposing the catastrophe of a No-Deal Brexit. The SNP do not have a “destructive nationalist ideology agenda”, quite the opposite – they have consistently demonstrated an agenda of protecting the democracy of the Scottish People.

Catriona C Clark