SPEAKING to a supermarket employee, I asked about arrangements for starting compulsory covering from July 10. I was told that since they have no policing role, they are doing nothing. If someone comes into the shop and has no cover they will not request them to do so, nor will they stop the person from shopping. They will not even have signs at the shop entrance to advise of the regulation.

Considering how much money shops – particularly supermarkets – make, I feel that this is a very pitiful response when there is still a killer out there.

M Ross

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WE used to spend a penny to use public toilets. Now, thanks to closures, many people are experiencing serious discomfort, or not venturing out at all.

Charging more, perhaps £1, could allow local authorities to keep them open or supply more of them. An attendant on the premises would also be good.

Margaret Pennycook