LIKE everyone else I am very grateful to the contractors, medical personnel and all those involved in the construction of the emergency field hospitals. However, I think it’s time No 10 got itself some new advisors.

Which behavioural analyst could possibly have advised them hold a publicised plaque unveiling on their new Nightingale hospital? A formal plaque, which by its presence confers an element of permanence on a structure the majority of the public might see as a manifestation of threat and despair. It is a project which on decommissioning will be the cause of much celebration, not on assembly.

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If they were so advised then perhaps we file it with the advice offered by Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance and their widely derided “herd immunity” strategy.

Couple that with the video inclusion of Prince Charles and for people in Scotland in particular, you have a reminder of the selfish actions of that individual and the medical exceptionalism he has and will enjoy, while resources (in rural areas in particular) are in short supply.

Was HRH’s inclusion a cynical attempt to restore his tarnished reputation and procure a momento for posterity? Good PR advice?

I’m not convinced.

By contrast, had Charles been looking for advice in Scotland I would bet it would have been that he should “keep his heed down” and try not to draw further attention to himself. However, as a result

of his desire for relevance, it may be that his influence in Scotland is as short-lived as we all desperately hope will be the need for these temporary field hospitals to remain operational.

I Easton

WHY not rename the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow as the Louisa Jordan in memory of all the unknown, unseen and forgotten people who work in our national health service?

John Jamieson
South Queensferry

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