THERE is a simple solution to the current controversy regarding the Royal Family, it isn't reform but abolition. This archaic institution should have no place in any modern democratic nation – but of course we're talking about the UK, which is anything but modern or democratic. 

Fortunately the people of Scotland will have a chance to build our own independent nation, one that treats everyone equally and doesn't reserve power and money to an individual family. Hopefully the rise of an independent Scotland will coincide with the abolition of the monarchy.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren

AS I am totally bemused by the media’s weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth over Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave the royal show and allegedly seek work, I checked the front pages of the London press just to get myself au fait with the whole situation.

I was profoundly shocked to see the hapless couple receive a sound spanking, with one editor of a popular tabloid apparently so incensed that the headline lapsed into a form of pidgin English which lost me.

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The Daily Star, which in my opinion is on a par with VIZ – only less funny – gave us the nuanced, thought-provoking; “Naff Orf Harry!”

However, I was deeply troubled by one headline which described the Royal Show’s matriarch, known as “Liz”, as “furious”. Not good in a nonagenarian.

My reading concluded, I was left in no doubt that this whole business, which in my circle is the sole topic of conversation at the moment, is a CRISIS, possibly the biggest since Prince Charles was made to pay tax on the profits from his nice little earner The Duchy of Cornwall.

And so to bed, although I know I won’t sleep a wink due to worry and a foreboding that this latest royal soap opera will run for some time.

Malcolm Cordell 
Broughty Ferry, Dundee 

IT surprised me to find out that Megan was the countess of Dumbarton. Last time I was there it seemed there were more off-licences than open shops and now no doubt more food banks.

It was obviously a place that had served its purpose and been dumped and forgotten about, the people given no opportunities, no hope. It was seriously heartbreaking to see the young kids on the street corners with obvious injecting drug issues, like in so many of our communities: our kids, our country's future, wasted by an environment and ideology of neglect.

You could see the community had no hope, no future and have been forgotten about. Meghan's title may be dropped. It seems it too has served its purpose and so is to  be dumped and forgotten about, just like the town itself.

Crìsdean Mac Fhearghais
Dùn Èideann

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I WAS amused at the correspondence regarding the correct use of titles eg the Earl and Countess of Dumbarton. It is about time this silly nonsense was abolished. I would suggest that, in this age of unusual first names, parents could give their child names such as Duke, Countess, Marquis etc but also give the second name "of". Once the child reached adulthood, he/she could change their surname by deed poll to a town or village of their choice. If this procedure was widely adopted, eventually all places in Scotland would be covered, eg Duke of Pumpherston.

Perhaps other readers could suggest more exotic examples. The National may even wish to organise an annual competition to find the best suggestion.

N M Shaw

THE Windsor crisis has a new weathervane by which one can figure out what is happening or likely to happen, namely, the dogs! It seems the media has sussed out that the dogs belonging to Harry and Meghan remained in Canada after their Christmas break.

This has caused apoplexy among ceryain paparazzi and no doubt the royalist fan club as it is a sign that Harry and Meghan will with all certainty be going to Canada to stay.

Amid the serious issues facing Europe (and the UK remains part of the European continent after Brexit) and beyond, the minor spat in the Windsor household is  becoming a sideshow of increasingly comic proportions. The Windsor-watchers will be scanning the horizon to see if the dogs return, and no doubt a special BBC correspondent will now be appointed as the corporation’s overall royal canine consultant to pinpoint the whereabouts of the royal canines and interpret any changes in location.

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Harry and Meghan have blown apart the mystique behind the duty and duties of the royal family, which neither complains nor explains. This self-imposed duty has become the modern, secular equivalent of the mediaeval "royal touch" which was believed to be a cure for ailments and sickness.

As crisis meetings are being held at Sandringham to try to resolve the situation, it is really too late to save the day. The symbolism of the decision of Harry and  Meghan  to announce they are stepping back from the "show" is overwhelming. The rotational treadmill of duties to perform and managing press releases to keep sections of the populace informed of your "importance" and to maintain the mystique must take its toll on one’s sanity. The downside is that the press is constantly littered with supposed comments from friends and insiders and courtiers about internal feuds bordering on character mutual assassination, as we can see who is now made out to be the "baddy" in this present spat.

There are major issues affecting the future of the nations of the UK at present. Let us keep the monarchical crisis in perspective.

It does not affect one’s daily life and personal wellbeing if there are fewer royals  cut ribbons or have their name on brass plates or even have to wonder about the location of the dogs! Who left the dogs behind in Canada and what does it mean?

John Edgar