FOR those who live in Scotland, Kathleen Nutt’s article (Johnson, Javid and Gove could be Tory race contenders, March 12) makes depressing reading. But but for those living in England, Northern Ireland and Wales, it must be a nightmare given that, come a General Election, their choice will be either Jeremy Corbyn or one of the three Conservative stooges.

We in Scotland are fortunate to have the choice between continuing to be part of the UK or independence, the prospect of which becomes brighter by the day. For the remainder of the UK, the Brexit Bonus will be that they will be able to make their own decisions free from what they consider to be interference from the troublesome Scots.

Sadly the Westminster Parliament appears unable to attract members of high ability and also with principles. In addition during debates it tolerates behaviour, bordering on hooliganism, by many of its members.

Thomas L Inglis

I THINK we in the independence movement have been patient long enough. We are supposedly getting an announcement about indyref2 “in a few weeks” or “when the Brexit fog has cleared”, or whatever. The trouble is, Nicola Sturgeon has been saying this for months, and that time seems not to be coming.

It brought it home at the weekend seeing the Danish couple going home, and then the story of the Scots families voluntarily leaving for France, all exasperated that we have such a golden opportunity for indyref2 but there’s no sign of us taking it.

What is the game plan? I don’t believe it is a slam-dunk that Yes would win next time. I hope so, but too many No voters have not shifted at all. But we have to take this opportunity while it is there, even if we lose. We have to not fear losing. History will not forgive Nicola Sturgeon if she does not try.

Julia Pannell

I HAVE been listening to the debate in Westminster regarding the latest updated changes to the EU Withdrawal Bill prior to the final vote.

Of real interest to me in watching the spectacle unfold was to see politicians providing a number of possible scenarios on how the UK could unilaterally leave the backstop if the EU acted in bad faith or in malice. This would allow the UK to tear up any treaty agreed.

It dawned on me that we could be discussing Scotland leaving the Treaty of Union unilaterally where the UK acted in bad faith and with malice. I believe that such practices have already taken place against the Scottish devolved parliament. I make a very serious point when I state that our sovereign nation and its government should have the Act of Union treaty of 1707 examined closely by our Scottish constitutional lawyers and senior judges to identify whether Scotland can leave the Act of Union. All these Brexit discussions have opened up a can of worms. Clearly the discussion has been about England/UK leaving the EU, but one could easily substitute Scotland leaving the UK!

Dan Wood

I HAVE just looked up the meaning of the word “treaty” in my dictionary and here is what it describes: “a signed contract between states”. I think we have lasted incredibly long tied to that contract and it’s time we went our own way and made our own decisions. I don’t understand why we need permission to cancel the contract. We’ve been acquiescent for too long!

Elizabeth Cameron

IT doesn’t surprise me that Jo Swinson is spending valuable time and energy co-sponsoring a bill to tackle “inequality” within the peerage system, despite the many more pressing issues that need addressing (“Why isn’t Swinson’s priority sorting out the Brexit shambles? Letters, March 12).

Her priorities, along with those of her LibDem colleagues, became clear during their infamous bed-in with the Tories – power and privilege came first, to the extent that they were prepared to help former chancellor George Osborne and co stick it to the poor, clearly a price worth paying to advance their own careers; a contemptible bunch of enablers who helped bring in, among many other cruel inventions, the bedroom tax, the benefit cap, the ongoing benefits freeze and Universal Credit. Their time in government revealed who the LibDems really were.

Mo Maclean

IN the article “Milky Way is a galaxy heavyweight” (March 12) your reporter states: “We are stuck … about 26 billion light years from the centre”. This is twice as far away as we are from the Big Bang. The correct figure is about 25 thousand light years. I really feel being out by a factor of one million deserves a correction.

Hugh Dunnachie