FIFTY years ago, Glasgow-based Strathclyde Theatre Group created a landmark theatre production that is to be celebrated this year with an exhibition at the Edinburgh festival.

The organisers are looking for memories and memorabilia from the more than 100 actors, musicians and technical crew who took part in The Golden City.

This epic Scottish production was a pioneering example of what is now known as immersive theatre and was lauded by The Herald’s critic as: “Always absorbing, often deeply moving and at moments can without hyperbole be called stupendous … brilliantly justifies the time and work put into it.”

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After a week-long run in August 1974 in Glasgow Cathedral, the production transferred to St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh where The Guardian declared The Golden City to be “the festival’s single dramatic sensation” and it won a coveted Scotsman Fringe First Award, the only amateur company to do so that year.

Strathclyde Theatre Group was an offshoot of the University of Strathclyde whose members also included students from Glasgow University, Glasgow School of Art and other colleges from around the city and the west of Scotland.

Many of its alumni went on to work in film, theatre and television. I am writing on behalf of the organisers of the Golden City 50 event, who want to hear from anyone who was involved in creating or taking part in The Golden City, or who wishes to assist with the celebration.

They can be contacted at this email address:

Roger Green
Ealing, London

MANY people have given their opinions on the importance of the closure of Grangemouth to jobs and Scotland’s economy. Importing fuel into an oil-rich Scotland during our transition to green energy is crazy. I understand the UK Government will be subsidising a new Ineos plant in Belgium. The UK seems intent on crippling Scotland’s economy. It only shows our impotence without independence. The only bonus will be the end of any influence of the oligarch Jim Ratcliffe, the man who wanted to frack in Scotland’s Central Belt.

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Where are the Scottish Tory voices in protest about the closure? Their outrage seems restricted to attacking every piece of legislation passed by the Scottish Government – assisted of course, by a complicit media.

The UK’s willingness to invest in the new Ineos refinery in Belgium rather than make every effort to keep Grangemouth open shows precisely their attitude to Scotland.

The UK took us out of the EU against our will. Then they invest in an EU country to our detriment. Is this what they meant by “levelling up”? Don’t expect an explanation from Ross or Jack any time soon.

James Arthur

WHAT Alex Orr omits to mention in his letter (Apr 15) is that according to the same report from the insurer Allianz that he references, the new UK checks on imports from the EU may add a trivial 0.15% to prices in the shops.

It would useful for everyone to keep a sense of proportion about the various problems arising from Brexit, which certainly do not amount an “unmitigated disaster” as Mr Orr and some others claim.

Dr D R Cooper
Maidenhead, Berkshire

I HAVE just returned from Norway. My friend lives in Eidsvoll, which is also home of the creation of the Norwegian constitution. We visited the building where it was created.

The tour highlighted its historic significance and the timeframe in which the constitution was created. The back story to this historical event is in itself somewhat special.

In 1813, Norway was to be “gifted” as the spoils of war to Sweden, ending a 400-year union with Denmark. Whilst the “gifting” did proceed, Norway gained its global independence in 1912. What was significant for me was that this was the action of the Norwegian people who had jobs and businesses and were respected within the local communities. They were for sure not politicians.

My point is that if Scotland is to rely on politicians, and given that the UK has no constitution, I conclude that I will go to my grave saddened that Scotland will never be independent and take its rightful place on the world stage.

Andrew Currie

AS Boris Johnson joins that other spectacularly failed Tory PM Liz Truss coining it, making half-arsed “speeches” around the globe and even further embarrassing Britain, his mates in the press are again seeding speculation about his return to politics.

“Is Johnson coming back?” they flap. To which the only sensible reply is “If so – break out the super-strength disinfectant”.

Amanda Baker