WHAT contrasting letters there were regarding Visit Scotland’s decision to close all their iCentres! Although I’m not sure the made-up figures from Alistair Potter (Letters, Mar 29) add anything to the discussion over the issue. Simply making up figures to explain away the disgraceful decision of VisitScotland to become a digital-only service is just nonsense – is he on the board of VisitScotland by any chance?

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In contrast the letters from James Murphy and Susan Grant were more to the point. There is far too much emphasis on a digital-only solution. Myself and other colleagues are consistently warning council officers that digital solutions cannot replace all services. This leads to marginalisation of a significant proportion of the population who are locked out of various services. It seems VisitScotland is following this same route. I would hope it can look again at these plans and decide that its services should be accessible to all.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren