BBC Scotland, what have you got against people in Scotland who want to watch a sport that is synonymous with Scotland, and in particular is so popular in Dumfries and Galloway? Why did you promise to stream live the semi-finals and the finals of the Scottish Curling Championships from Dumfries and then at the last minute not show it? Scotland are currently both European and World Men’s champions, so this is important to us.

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The reason for cancelling the streaming appears to be BBC Sport, based in the curling epicentre of Greater Manchester in the north of England, telling BBC Scotland what they could show in Scotland. The reason given was to avoid giving “undue prominence” to advertising, particularly of alcohol. This is the same BBC Sport which, on the very same day, supported the showing of the Guinness Six Nations Rugby, the word Guinness not just the title of the event but displayed on many points in the various stadia hosting the Six Nations. Double standards indeed.

So, BBC Scotland, what about you getting on the side of your audience, ie the people of Scotland, instead of simply bowing to BBC Sport in the virtually non-curling country of England?

Start standing up for us now.

Keith Johnston