I READ the reports on motorhome drivers and Ian Blackford’s useful response with interest. We have enjoyed motorhoming in Scotland since 2004. Many other holidays, including camping, have given great pleasure and wonderful memories.

Pre-Covid we followed part of what is now the North Coast 500 route. Driving a two-berth camper smaller than many a large car, I was appalled at the lack of driving skills of many a motorhome driver. It seemed there was a lack of knowledge about how to use passing places, a desire to travel in convoy and an inability to allow other vehicles to overtake.

Better driver training, especially of those who hire these large vehicles, responsible actions by those who hire them out, heavy fines for anyone leaving rubbish and an outright ban on the ones who empty chemical toilets anywhere are just some thoughts I have.

Unfortunately, the actions of the few cause responsible motorhomers to be tarred with the same brush. It is upsetting to me that anyone could be so lacking in respect for what we have found to be a friendly and beautiful country.

Linda Andrews