GERRY Hassan raises interesting questions about the relationship of the Edinburgh festival to the city itself and wider Scotland (It's Festival City time again ... but whose interests does it serve?, Aug 9).

More than 40 years ago, while working in Edinburgh, I got into a conversation with two American girls enthusing about the festival, who queried why I lacked their enthusiasm.

I pointed out that a lot of the things finished too late and were no good if you came from outside Edinburgh and were dependent on public transport to get home.

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I also raised that it was not meant for people in working-class occupations as they had early starts each morning. This drew frowned expressions from them.

To emphasise the point, I explained that (at that time) most factories took the local trades holidays, which in the Central Belt were mostly in July while the festival was in August. The frowns deepened as the point was made and the conversation changed abruptly.

Not much has changed.

Drew Reid