THE latest offering from Channel 5 is The Thames: Britain’s Greatest River with Tony Robinson. Not England’s but BRITAIN’S. When Googled, it gets even better –“Tony” becomes “Sir Anthony Robinson” and the Thames is promoted to one of the greatest rivers in THE WORLD!

Talk about delusions of grandeur. Obviously the Clyde, Forth, Tay, Mersey, Avon etc are all inferior to the mighty Thames. Sometimes the arrogance and sense of superiority of SOME southern English folk is unbelievable.

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I suppose it helps us understand their attitude to Scotland and its government.

A bit like the primary school kids wanting to run their own school. It’ll never work – they don’t have a clue – it’ll be a disaster. At least if indy is a disaster, it’ll be one of our own making, not one imposed on us by public school buffoons, Lords and English parliamentary “traditions” that belong in the dark ages.

Barry Stewart