THIS week I attended a pensioners’ weekly “tea and blether” event, which I think is run to keep us off the streets!

There was a conversation about Covid and remembering how we’d felt during lockdown, what effects it had had etc. Some were good experiences – “enjoyed the peace and quiet” – others not so good: “Felt really isolated”.

Covid doesn’t really come up much in conversation nowadays but I found myself contributing: I used to get up every morning and go to the supermarket early before many customers were about.

I bought my National, went for a walk, locally, round the quiet streets (you were only supposed to go outside for an hour a day) then went home to read The National and do the puzzles.

I have just realised how much The National contributed to my wellbeing and would like to send you a belated thank you! I wonder if many readers had the same experience?

Ann Leitch

via email