HOW very annoying. For some time after the introduction of minimum alcohol pricing I had to bring home a case of whisky every time I visited Englandshire. The price difference gradually diminished, though still Costco is the basic price of £20 for a litre bottle – some time ago, that was £15.

With the new price of £26, it will be worthwhile to drive down to Newcastle just for what I might call “duty fee.”

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Since Megabus charge me around £20 for a return journey, I only need four bottle to show a profit. By train, I would need six bottles right now, but booking ahead I would need only four. I wonder how many I can fit in my rucksack?

The strange thing is, when Costco are forced to charge £6 more per bottle in Scotland, that goes straight into their bottom line as extra profit.

Rod Dalitz
via email