CRAIG Fowler was absolutely bang on when he said VAR is unfit for purpose and will never work in our game (Apr 8). I know so many people who have stopped attending matches regularly due to its idiotic introduction into our game when it was blatantly unfit for purpose.

No doubt it was rushed through by some bigwig in world football when it was nowhere even remotely ready, so he/she could pocket some obscene amount of money, very similar I suppose to the PPE racket and the Brexit farce, as VAR, despite all the bells and whistles, is still controlled by wee biased pointy hats in some remote location, nowhere near the stadia.

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If the SFA had an ounce of common sense it would have followed the Swedish FA and said it’s simply not for us, but we have to remember these are the same people who allow plastic pitches in our top flight; make matches ticket-only when often there will be nowhere near capacity; make teams play each other every five minutes, reward failure with the worst promotion/relegation system in world football; and absurdly changed the names of our game to mirror the English game by calling our top flight the Premiership, our second the Championship and absolutely moronically called our third and fourth tiers the first and second divisions.

Words fail me on this utter stupidity and blind loyalty. It’s like our game’s glorious leaders have to follow everything our neighbours do, like so many Scots seem to think we have to do – anything apart from thinking for ourselves.

We are told every four hours that our neighbour’s top flight is the best league in the world, when it’s Spain whose clubs win the most trophies. They say it’s the biggest, it’s not – that is Germany’s top flight. They may have all the money in the world but you simply can’t polish a turd despite all the bells and whistles, cameras and Hollywood razzmatazz, which is again proven as the world’s very best players simply refuse to play in their league.

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So it’s even more baffling, when Scotland has the highest attendances in European football per capita, that we are saddled with people completely unfit for purpose running our game who would prefer to blindly follow our neighbours than to just make our own game as good as it possibly can be and to become a nation others look at as a shining light.

Just think ... if England’s top flight was so wonderful then why is it that it’s only the English who tell us how amazing it is, and how it’s the best league in the world, at every single opportunity on TV and radio, when no other nation even remotely thinks it is?

It’s the same old broken record yet again, like England’s national side are somehow some kind of world beaters and some kind of global giants when they have only won one World Cup in their history and even that was debatable and on home turf, in a year that is much closer to The Titanic sinking than the present day.

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To hell with these TV companies completely ruining our game and giving us a pittance whilst paying our neighbours mind-bogglingly stupid amounts for their vastly overrated game.

Let’s make a stand and make our domestic game something to be proud of with the right people in charge, and then miraculously the money from the deals will look after itself, but again it’s so obviously the same old Scottish Cringe.

I know some people are so brainwashed they would rather follow the English blindly, no matter how completely useless they are in certain things – Westminster being the perfect example – but come on, we are so much better than this, and people need to wake the hell up before it’s too late.

Iain K