THREE cheers for David Roche of Blairgowrie (Letters, Feb 14) who reports on his recent flight to Sweden, contrasting Gothenburg airport with the disgraceful offering that is Edinburgh Airport.

I have similar experiences and concerns, having visited my son and his family in Denmark for more than 20 years. Denmark has an equivalent population to Scotland and yet the front doors to the world via their capital city airports, is like chalk and cheese.

To begin with, the paved area in front of Edinburgh airport is pitted, split and absolutely unsuitable for cases (and indeed people) on wheels. Cases, wheelchairs and baby buggies are hirpled over this surface which should be smooth and suitable for all wheeled transit. This is a shameful welcome to any traveller using the airport.

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And unsatisfactory conditions prevail throughout the entire airport. Who is to blame? No matter if it is a private company or a national responsibility, Scotland badly needs to pull its socks up.

In my working life, I exported neeps to Ireland, Iceland, Norway and Finland. I have visited all of these places and can only say that I am affronted by our national presentation in Edinburgh.

I am certain that a modern, properly equipped airport in Edinburgh will automatically folloEdinburgh Airport has welcomed airline JetBluew on immediately after independence.

Jim McGugan
Letham, Angus