I NOTED a widely reported item in the UK media recently about the failure of the bad SNP government to supply sufficient funding to assist in tree planting and thereby causing environmental harm. I find it hard to believe the audacity of the UK media in running this story. I am well aware that attacking the SNP government is an everyday experience, but this takes the biscuit.

The facts on the environment are that England has the Europe’s most hazardous nuclear site at Sellafield on Scotland’s western border, which is causing great damage to Scotland, Ireland and Wales and is polluting the Irish Sea.

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Scotland, which produces more green electricity than it consumes, is sending green energy to England in return for their pollution. As for tree planting, Scotland with only 8% of the UK population has 60% of the trees and is planting 76% of all new trees.

So if the SNP Scottish Government are doing so badly on the environment, how would one rate the Tory UK Government?

Andy Anderson