I HAVE a 5.4 x 2.05m campervan so not huge. Large coachbuilt motorhomes are an issue on minor roads, but a bigger problem are the inconsiderate folk who don’t follow the “leave no trace” rule and park in inappropriate places. I think they are new to the game since the start of Covid and are often not fully set up for “freecamping”.

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They spoil it for the rest if us and the local press is often guilty of stirring up hate speech against us campervan owners. You can’t blame everything on us campervan owners. Car tourists vastly outnumber us and where do they dump their rubbish and go to the toilet? Behind the bushes? Yes, I’ve seen it happen, but we would be blamed, and twice this year car passengers have dumped a used nappy under our van. No doubt we would get the blame for that in the press too.

Just try to be fair in reporting on the issue is all I ask.

Welcome to Scotland? I hope so...

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