WELL done to Glasgow and Scotland. The UCI “jamboree” was a great success, from the city centre to the Highlands and the Borders. Although I’m not a cycling enthusiast, one couldn’t fail to be impressed by the skill and courage of the competitors, from the mountain biking to the BMX races and the road races. In fact, there were more “spills” in the BMX races on the good weather of Sunday than in the rain of Saturday evening!

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I have two examples to highlight the success of the event. My daughter and a granddaughter, taking advantage of the closed and traffic-free roads, had a cycle around Glasgow city centre, a never-to-be-repeated life experience.

The second involved a former colleague who phoned me from Italy to say that he and his whole family were watching the female road race as it entered Stirling. Just think of the many Italians watching, and the many others throughout the world.

What an advert for Scotland. Holding the UCI meeting here can only be seen to have been a truly great occasion for Scotland.

Paul Gillon
Baintown, Leven