WITH reference to Charlie Kerr’s letter on Tuesday concerning the increase of 25p on his pension (an 80th birthday present). Unfortunately as it turns out he won’t receive a penny of it.

The increase in pension referred to was granted in 1971, and Mrs Thatcher “froze” it at the present level. The value of this 25 pence to a pensioner at the moment is laughable, but nonetheless some miserable excuse for a human being has obviously thought of a way of clawing back some of this massive outlay. It would be interesting to know who, and at what date this came about.

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I am in receipt of this princely sum, and have been for more than 12 years, and l spend it with abandon. Quite a few second class stamps and other goodies have been bought, albeit by saving for a week or two. So l will save for a month or two, and have a glass of wine for Charlie, and any other person who gets this questionable award for reaching their 80th birthday.

James Ahern
East Kilbride