THE Sun’s editor Victoria Newton was on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg on Sunday morning and was not even asked about the disgraceful hate-filled article by Jeremy Clarkson. He should be run out of town and lose every job he has. His poor daughter has had to publicly disown him (Emily Clarkson condemns her father’s ‘misogyny’ towards Meghan Markle Dec 19).

Why on earth were Clarkson and Piers Morgan invited by Camilla to lunch last week – and we are still to believe institutional racism does not exist at the palace?

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Imagine if someone said these things about you and your mother-in-law had invited that person lunch – how would that make you feel?

Winifred McCartney

WHY can’t people like Jeremy Clarkson and Suella Braverman keep their dreams to themselves?

John Jamieson
South Queensferry