I WONDER if history will note something like “it was Boris what broke Britain”. I mean, just how much more can Britain take from the man and his party?

Allegedly and according to Dominic Cummings (remember him!), the PM liked to tell Downing Street staff “everyone better remember I’m the f***ing Fuhrer around here” in 2020. So when you’re Fuhrer what’s a slap-on-the-wrist fixed-penalty notice?

And as for his party, will they bite the hand that fed them an 80-seat majority? At the moment, the answer seems to be “no”, with febrile speculation around numbers of letters in, not in, going in, maybe, to 1922 Committee Chairman Sir Graham Brady.

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Perhaps his fellow MPs are waiting for the results of the two English by-elections due at the end of June, providing them time to plot in the interim. Or will the Fuhrer dumbfound them all and call for a snap vote of confidence in him, his leadership, and their continued MP’s salary immediately after the hotly awaited results?

After all, if you see two bedfellows kicked out, would you vote for an untested, wannabe PM who hasn’t won a General Election? The rumours of a Theresa May revival gig are just that.

But will the PM be saved with a Jubilee Jamboree? There are reports that schools in England can’t cope with the rising cost of living, so hot meals are being replaced with sandwiches. Others are fine balancing providing school meals in any form with having washing machines on hand to wash and dry their pupils’ clothing since turning off power at home is widespread. Can someone please go and find a footballer or two?

The Office for National Statistics has reported price increases ranging from 15% to 50% in everyday staples including pasta, bread and rice. But just how many millions are being flushed away, come Sunday night and Monday morning, merely to promote a feel-good factor? We’ll be encouraged to wrap up in June memories come the cold winter nights, no doubt. And in it all, the duplicity of tampering with parliament standards, the treatment of refugees, the removal of civil liberties and the right to protest go on unchecked.

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I have never considered myself a republican, but having witnessed the travesty of a car for a crown (it was noted that the average for a litre of fuel, UK wide, at the weekend was 182.6p); and family junkets to far-off former colonies, royally rejected by the not so humble “locals”, I am beginning to question “why them?”, just as I question the PM.

He at least went through a process of election. To a degree this gives the impression of hope: hope that I could vote out a disreputable president, but no hopes of voting out a royal hierarchy of born-to-rule elitism. Well, not until an indy Scotland holds a debate and then a vote.

Only time will tell how this current hiatus in government resolves itself. But hopefully Scotland will be long gone before Britain is broken by power-obsessed, self-serving politicians and centuries of feudalism.

Selma Rahman

MY clear memory of the coronation is the wee golden coach displayed in our local toy shop window. I also remember we had a Lion Rampant flag fixed above our window. My father was an SNP man.

Nowadays I can’t understand why (except in England), Her Majesty is described as “second” to anyone!

I have long suggested that the erroneous number “II” on UK coinage might be over stamped with a discrete thistle, which would correct that error while retaining the Queen’s image, if that was the people’s decision.

Douglas Hunter
Ancrum Roxburghshire