MY friend swims every day in the freezing waters of the North Sea. She is constantly begging me to come along and “give it a go”. So, as I was back up the road for the festive break, and after much persistence from my friend, I reluctantly agreed.

I threw off my clothes and, equipped only with my trunks and a woolly beanie hat, I ran straight into the bluey-green waters of Aberdeen.

I hated it. Every minute of it.

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Even when I was in the water my friend continued to insist that “the first few minutes are always like this.” Like what? Horrible?

I lasted three minutes before I could take it no longer. I kicked off the seaweed from my feet, breathed through my mouth to avoid the salty stench of the sea and painfully ran across the pebble beach bare-footed towards the car park, where I waited in the warmth of the car until my friend had finished her daily dose of “wild swimming”.

I won’t be trying this again – unless of course I am indoors and the water is pumped full of chlorine.

Mark T