IN reply to Rod Dalitz's letter in Friday’s letters, according to the Costco website all the Scotch whisky would be unaffected by the minimum unit price increase as they’re all above the MUP.

The only two whiskies that would be affected are Southern Comfort – this is one litre rather than 70cl, and also it’s 35% ABV whereas most whisky is 40% ABV – and an Irish whisky “Paddies”,’ also one litre. Although this has a five-star rating there’s only one review! (It’s not a brand I’m familiar with.)

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Personally, I’d go for a Scotch whisky which would be unaffected by the new minimum unit price when it comes in in September.

I’d go for the Glenlivet at £25.39, or put the money you would have spent on the train travel to the Glenfiddich at £30.99.

John Kinnaird
via email