ARE you already worried about Football's Coming Home relentless playing on repeat this summer?

Well don’t worry, because The National has got you covered with some fantastic merchandise for this summer’s European Championships.

Scotland will take on Germany in the opening match this Friday, while our rivals south of the Border take on Serbia on Sunday.

Here’s a look at all the fantastic merchandise we have on offer – you can purchase it in our online shop HERE.

On the Road Bundle

Gear up for this summer’s Euros with the complete package. You can flaunt your love for England’s group stage rivals Slovenia, Denmark and Serbia with our vibrant flags.

We’ve also got a stress ball for you to squeeze during those stressful moments and some earplugs to block out endless commentary about a certain tournament in 1966.

(Image: National Shop)

To finish things off, we’ve also got a stylish Scottish passport cover to cover up that cringe-worthy post-Brexit passport.

It’s available for £42 or, if you’d prefer, you can just buy those flags for £25.

Staying at Home Bundle

The stay-at-home bundle also features our collection of flags, a stress ball and those handy earplugs.

It also comes with a National tote bag as well and is available for £30.

Framed Braveheart cover

Who could forget The National’s famous front page following Italy’s triumph over England at Euro 2022, at Wembley no less.

Image: The National

Featuring Roberto Mancini as William Wallace we’re offering the front page framed for £33.

As well as all these fantastic packages, you can also buy individual merchandise for the following prices:

  • Stress Ball - £4
  • Euro 24 Braveheart T-shirt - £18.00
  • Euro 24 ear plugs - £4
  • National passport covers Euro 24 - £18

Managing editor Stewart Ward said: "We know everybody is nervous about this summer's Euros, not just because Scotland are there once again, but because we all know what it's like constantly having to hear Football's Coming Home on repeat and endless droning on about 1966.

"We hope you'll be able to enjoy this year's tournament that bit more though with The National's fantastic merchandise.

"Come on Scotland!"