THE bagpipe players of Scotland’s Tartan Army will have their instruments transported to Germany at no extra cost.

Sky Bet has announced it will be covering the extra baggage costs after Uefa announced registered bagpipes would be allowed into the tournament.

Concerns of a bagpipe ban had been sparked by Uefa’s official stadium rules for Euro 2024.

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Sky Bet has worked with the Tartan Army to ensure a strong presence of bagpipes at Scotland’s games by covering additional costs for the pipers, including the extra fees for transporting the instruments to Germany.

Iain Emerson, editor of the Famous Tartan Army Magazine, said: “Bagpipes are deeply rooted in Scottish culture and for the Tartan Army, they are essential to our fan experience during major tournaments.

“If there’s a lull in the play, or Scotland are not doing so well on the pitch, the Tartan Army might be a bit quieter, but once you hear a piper playing, it lifts everybody.

“With SkyBet’s support we’re delighted that our pipes will be with us every step of the way in Germany.

“Nothing’s cheap these days, so the help has been really appreciated.”

Scotland will play in the tournament’s opening game against hosts Germany on Friday, June 14.

This will be followed by games against Switzerland on Wednesday, June 19 and Hungary on Sunday, June 23.

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Kevin Brain, head of content and publishing at Sky Bet said: “We are thrilled to support the Tartan Army pipes players this summer.

“We love the passion and spirit Scottish fans bring to football, they are what make the game truly special and it is great they’ll be able to bring their iconic sound to this summer’s tournament.”