SCOTTISH golfer Robert MacIntyre gave a “top class” interview as he celebrated winning his first title on the PGA Tour.

Originally from Oban, MacIntyre competed in last year’s Ryder Cup and claimed victory in the Canadian Open on Sunday night.

The golfer was emotional after the game, saying he wanted to win for his dad after he flew out to act as his caddie for the week.

“I mean, I’m speechless to be honest,” he said after the game as he said the win was “everything for me and my family, my girlfriend, my team”.

He added: “I can’t believe I done it with him (my dad) on the bag. I’m crying with joy but laughing because I didn’t think it was possible.

“I was going down the last there and my dad was telling me to stay focused, swing smooth because yesterday I got too fast.

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“In my head I wasn’t listening to him, I was like I want to win this for my dad. This is a guy that taught me the game of golf and I can’t believe I done this with him on the bag.”

MacIntyre’s father Dougie joked that he was “sitting on the couch last week” before getting the call to come help his son at the tournament.

The golfer added: “I think me and my girlfriend might go home on Monday as well and just have a hell of a party back home.”

He also thanked the support he had been given from Scotland as well as his family, girlfriend and coaches.

Reacting to the interview, the SNP’s Stephen Flynn said: “Best thing you’ll watch this morning. Just top class.”

Elsewhere, First Minister John Swinney also congratulated MacIntyre, writing on Twitter/X:

“Congratulations to Oban’s own @robert1lefty and his caddie father Dougie on winning his first PGA Tour title at the Canadian Open.

“What a wonderful moment this is.”