AN Edinburgh cycle path has topped a list of the worst cycle lanes in the world.

According to urban cycling publication Discerning Cyclist, the “moronic” cycle lane spanning Leith Walk favoured the needs of motorists over cyclists.

The zig-zag design of certain sections of the path have faced criticism in the past, with Edinburgh City Council promising to rectify the sharp turns – which failed to comply with street design guidance.

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The Discerning Cyclist said: “This one gets our goat – it’s not something you’d expect to deal with when driving a car along the road, so why do cyclists have to put up with this kind of ill-thought-out infrastructure? Heaven only knows.

“The design is thanks to the route needing to pass bus stops and loading bays, apparently!”

A further two cycle lanes in Edinburgh featured on the list.

One was criticised for the severe shortness of its length, while another got pelters for its confusing directions.

Cycle lanes in Romania, Hungary, Colombia, England and the United States also featured on the list.