ANDY Murray was left unimpressed with Jack Draper's music choice on Sunday.

Footage on social media has emerged of Draper singing along to The Proclaimer’s classic 500 Miles following Great Britain’s dramatic Davis Cup victory over France.

The youngster, 21, is clearly enjoying himself as he belts out the lyrics, although it seemed three-time grand slam champion Murray wasn’t as interested.

As Draper enjoyed himself, he turned the camera to Murray who sat in silence before showing him the middle finger.

The Scot posted the video on his Instagram with the caption: “Kids these days. Three and a half hours of this on the way home…”

Many took to social media to comment on the clip with one Twitter/X user commenting that it “looked like a good time”.

“This is gold and a great song”, said another while somebody else added: “I’m going to bookmark this for when I feel down."

The National:

A fourth person commented: “Omg made me laugh so much. Andy’s face…”

The victory over France means Murray and co will now advance to the Davis Cup quarter-finals.

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It comes following wins over Australia and Switzerland earlier this week with the team finishing unbeaten and top of their group;.

Murray also revealed earlier this week that he missed his grandmother’s funeral to compete in the tournament.

He gave his team a winning start against Switzerland on Friday with a hard-earned victory over Leandro Riedi.