LOSING the manager who led them to their first title in 10 years was always likely to be a sore one for Rangers.

Steven Gerrard landed the Ibrox club their 55th title this year, having taken the reigns in 2018.

But the Liverpool legend has now departed for Aston Villa, where he succeeds Dean Smith.

Rangers wished him every success and thanked him for winning the Scottish Premiership title last season.

Gerrard also sent a message to fans, writing on his Instagram account: “I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone associated with Glasgow Rangers, especially the fans, for the love and support you’ve all shown me during my time in Scotland.”

He added: “I hope in time you can understand and accept my decision to move on but I honestly fell in love with the club and will always follow the team. Once a Ranger, always a Ranger #55.”

However, supporters are still coming to terms with losing their boss midway through the season.

Social media has been inundated with angry posts about Gerrard’s decisions.

Some have even taken their anger out on cardboard cut-outs of their former manager.

One man even tore a framed photo of Gerrard off the wall and smashed it on the floor.

There was also plenty of anger on radio phone-in shows.

While many fans thanked Gerrard for his service and looked to his successor, others had a pop at the outgoing coach.

One supporter, called Frank, told Clyde 1 Superscoreboard it was a "sad day" for Gerrard, who he accused of being “deceitful”.

He continued: "The way he's handled it hasn't been clever. Not clever at all.

“He had it all in front of him [at Rangers] and I think he's bottled it.

“He's taken the easy option and walked.”

He added: “I thought Steven Gerrard was about that, and he’s no.

“The least the supporters deserve is an explanation and, probably, an apology.

“Be a man, come out and say what you’re doing. Then you’ll get respect. I don’t think he deserves respect for the way he’s doing it.”

The National:

James in Airdrie commented: "I'll need to watch my language because I'm on the radio, but the way he's handled this and done to Rangers is an absolute disgrace.

"Leaving us where we are, on Remembrance Day, he's not got the credentials in my opinion. He's left a great club, and what for?

"To go to Aston Villa? What for? You're not going to win the league, you won't get into the Champions League.

"I honestly hope he fails spectacularly. I'll tell you one thing: every game Aston Villa play, I'll be supporting the opposite team.

"I hope Steven Gerrard fails. I hope he ends up at a team like Exeter. Honest to God.

"He'll realise one day what a club he's left in the lurch.”

He continued: "I'll tell you one thing: Steven Gerrard is nothing. I'll tell you what lads, see his next games - Brighton, Crystal Palace, Manchester City, Leicester, Liverpool. I'll be their biggest supporters because I hope he gets humiliated at Aston Villa.”

Nadim in Glasgow was similarly outraged. He told Superscoreboard: "I am disgusted to be honest. But it's not for Gerrard moving on and the fact of being ambitious and moving to Aston Villa.

"In terms of that good luck to the guy, he helped us get 55 and we'll always be indebted to him for that. It's the way he did it.

"Only two or three weeks ago he was asked on TV about rumours about the Newcastle job and he said 'do I look happy?' the reported said yes and he said, 'well stop asking stupid questions'.

"Then two-three weeks later he's all quiet on the subject and the next thing you know he's holding an Aston Villa shirt?”

He added: "I'm disgusted at the way he's gone about moving on.

"We're Glasgow Rangers, the biggest club in Scotland and one of the biggest in the world. We'll get over it, but the way he's gone about it is disgusting in my view."