RANGERS fans who took part in the scenes of violence and disorder at the weekend should be banned, a senior police officer has said. 

Assistant Chief Constable Gary Ritchie said Police Scotland had arrested 28 people and will be identifying others and sharing that information with Rangers. 

He said: "I don't think the supporters that engaged in that type of behaviour are the type of supporters that Rangers would want associated with them."

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Asked if he was saying they should be banned, Mr Ritchie said: "Absolutely. 

"I think they've besmirched the great name of the club, and I don't think they should be anywhere near a football ground after this."

He made the comments on the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme. 

Police Scotland previously said Rangers supporters had "damaged the image and reputation of Glasgow" as five officers were injured in "ugly" fan celebrations.

Mr Ritchie said 15,000 people had descended on Ibrox to celebrate the club's Scottish Premiership title win, before marching on George Square. 

He said: "That number of people is very difficult to manage with the police resources that we have."

He said the policing response was "absolutely the right one". 

Mr Ritchie added: "Every single one of those 15,000 who chose to gather took a selfish decision against the rules because the rules are there to protect them, they are there to protect others."

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He said the injured officers are receiving medical attention. 

He added: "I think it's shocking that they've gone to their work and they've come back home injured, one of them quite seriously injured. 

"Police officers are not there to be assaulted. They deserve, like everybody else, to go home at the end of their day's work and and not be injured and not be assaulted.

"They're shocked and shaken, but they'll dust themselves down and they'll go again if required."