SCOTT BROWN wants his Celtic teammates to remember the feeling they had in the dressing room after losing to Rangers yesterday, and use it as fuel to fire them to a ninth title in a row.

The Celtic skipper knows that the disappointment of the defeat will follow the Celtic players all the way to Dubai for their winter training camp, but he doesn't necessarily think that will be a bad thing for the squad.

“I think everyone will have it in the back of their minds," Brown said.

“We were sitting in that dressing room and everyone is devastated, so you have to make sure you remember how you felt after those defeats.

“There hasn’t been that many of those defeats, but sometimes you need that little kick to spark you into life again.

“Everyone here has done that, everyone expects us to win no matter what, and that’s why I came here.

“You want to win trophies and dominate games, and when it doesn't happen you have to go back, reflect on it, see how we played and how they played.

“You have to take it on the chin sometimes, because you’re not always going to play unbelievably well, it’s about our reaction as a team.”

Despite the defeat, Brown doesn't sense any lessening of the appetite within the Celtic dressing room to chase down the silverware and success that they have become accustomed to over the past few seasons.

“The lads want to win trophies, everyone wants to win trophies, and we’ve done it for the last 10 trophies on offer," he said.

“We need to play better and move the ball quicker, and today we didn’t create enough chances.

“We had a couple cleared of the line we were unlucky with, and we missed a penalty as well.

“These things happen and it’s now about how we bounce back.”