The National:

ANAS Sarwar said the message “across Scotland” couldn’t be clearer ... and by that, he meant a two-hour round trip to Fife.

The Scottish Labour leader will have to concede that geography may not be one of his strong suits after the backlash garnered by his latest tweet.

Sarwar seems to have forgotten there is a lot more to Scotland than just the central belt as he relished his big day out "across" the country. 

Or perhaps he simply doesn’t care what goes on past Fife?

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“Across Scotland - from Renfrew to Fife - the desire for change could not be clearer,” the opening line of his tweet read.

Followed by: “This election is an opportunity to boot out the Tories that Scotland cannot afford to miss.”

It doesn’t take a particularly keen eye to realise that Sarwar has in fact missed out on a very large part of the country.

And it didn’t take people long to point out his blunder either as one person replied: “It's a wee bit bigger than that, deary me”.

While another said: “Do you have any policies for parts of Scotland outside the central belt?”

Given the usual response to the "branch office boss" jibes, you'd think Sarwar would at least want to claim every inch of territory in Scotland that he possibly could...