The National:

BOTH Mhairi Black and Scottish comedian Janey Godley have taken aim at Donald Trump following his historic hush money trial.

The former US president was found guilty of falsifying business records as part of a scheme to illegally influence the 2016 election through hush money payments to an adult movie actress.

As you might have expected, many Scots took to social media to react to the historic news, including the now former MP Mhairi Black.

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In response to the former US president claiming he is a “very innocent man” following the trial, Black shared the now classic clip of puppet dog Hacker telling CBBC presenter Lauren Layfield “we’re just innocent men”.

Many were left in stiches in the comments on Twitter/X with one person commenting “well played” while another said “nicely done”.

Elsewhere, Scottish comic Janey Godley took to social media to share her trademark voiceover take on the news.

In the clip, she jokes that Trump is wearing flip flops before going on: “Everything’s a sham and it’s no as if I’m anxious or anything but this is all just pure lies.

“And the courtroom was freezing, I fell asleep twice, they woudnae let me change my nappie and everybody was laughing at me.

“And Stormy Daniels has just telt big lies and the canteen was terrible. All they had was tomato soup and I’m allergic to tomatoes and they woudnae let me bring my Gameboy in cus I like to just play my Gameboy when I get bored.

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“And then everybody shouted at me and now everybody’s like ‘that’s Donald Trump guilty on 34 charges’ and none of its true, and now I’ve got to wear flip flops because I’ve still got heel spurs in case the country goes to war again.

“So aye f*** the lot of you, I’m away.”