The National:

MANY Tory MPs were furious about Rishi Sunak standing out in the rain and calling a General Election this summer which is likely to bring an end to their 14 years in Government.

But for former party chairman Jake Berry, he’s already downing pints while out on the campaign trail.

In a bizarre and slightly disconcerting reel on Instagram, Berry enthusiastically talks about the Tory policy of bringing back national service for 18-year-olds, which he claims “everyone” had been asking him about.

“In one pint, I’m going to explain to you how it works,” he says.

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He went on to say the policy – which will partly involve young people signing up to do military service for a year  – would help maintain the “finest armed forces in the world”.

“The reason we’re doing this is there’s an entire generation of people who can be given fantastic life skills, just like people were by national service,” he goes on.

And just after talking about those “fantastic life skills” young people can go out there and gain with this “bold” policy, he proceeds to chop a pint in fewer than 10 seconds. A fine example…

Who knows if he was trying to be down with the kids or simply drowning his sorrows early but he was so proud of his talents he posted on Insta: “Make sure you watch until the end!”

If it is the end of this rotten Tory government, The Jouker will drink to that.