BREXIT is one of the gravest political injustices rained upon the young people of this country in recent history.

The opportunity to live, work, study and freely explore our 27 neighbouring countries was arguably a bigger loss for young people than for anyone else.

What’s more is that when you look at the political leanings of young people across the UK, we are by and large in stark contrast with the right-wing overtones of the Brexit referendum.

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In other words, we were ripped from our union of friends and our right to freely travel among them was taken from us against our will. If anyone is going to make the case for our return to EU membership, it’s the young people burned by that loss.

In the years since, almost every party that has claimed to be pro-EU has abandoned that principle in practice – and the young people at the centre of it. Most notably Labour, who seem to have traded most of their earlier principles for Keir Starmer, Brexit being one of the most unforgivable.

Brexit, simply, does not align with the values and principles that underpin Scotland. Which is why when faced with the choice, we rejected it. It was nothing if not a fine example of how broken our political system is in the UK – a Tory prime minister that Scotland did not vote for played chicken with a racism-driven vanity project … and lost.

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That is the reality of how Brexit came to be. It was not a strategic political decision. It was solely the arrogance and misguided judgement of one man. And the freedoms and protections that generations have enjoyed were gone.

Once again, the SNP, and more specifically their youth wing – one of the most effective political movements in the UK – are at the forefront of the fight to reclaim those freedoms. Against the injustice of losing them against our will.

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This weekend is a shining example of the belief that Scotland has in the European Union, and how serious we are about returning to it as an independent nation.

The SNP have remained unwavering in their belief of an independent, European Scotland – and have made the case convincingly in both Parliaments. The only EU-supporting party that continues to do so, that hasn’t sold out on its European principles to appease the right.

This conference, especially with its focus on progression and how that underpins our European ambitions, is further evidence of that commitment and I hope serves as a reminder to our European friends across all member states that Scotland overwhelmingly rejected Brexit, and the ugly politics surrounding it.

That one day, as a proud independent nation, we will be knocking on the door.