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ANDREW Neil is no stranger to getting into a bit of a muddle over Scotland.

In fact, only today did the former BBC host take to social media platform Twitter/X to share a “horrific” graphic of former first ministers being hanged, which appeared in Friday’s edition of The Times.

The tweet – and the original graphic – has been met with furious backlash.

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It’s not the first time Neil has gotten himself in a pickle, so we decided to look at some of his biggest blunders in recent years.

1. Neil claims life expectancy in Glasgow is ‘on a par’ with sub-Saharan Africa

We’re taking it back all the way to 2020, when Neil claimed that male life expectancy in parts of the east-end of Glasgow was "on a par” with sub-Saharan Africa.

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Not only has the claim been debunked, but it’s not even the first time he’s said this. As The National’s fact check team said four years ago, Neil quoted “ancient and very dodgy” data that “he only half remembers”. Yikes.

2. Neil says Nicola Sturgeon is the ‘Richard Nixon of Scottish politics’

Back in February, Neil claimed Nicola Sturgeon was the “Richard Nixon of Scottish politics” following the aftermath of the Covid inquiry WhatsApp scandal.

This rather peculiar comparison led many National readers to make observations, such as: “Does anyone actually care what Neil says?” and, “I’d forgotten that he still existed". 

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Whilst Neil is obviously entitled to make this connection, especially given that Nixon remains the only US president to have resigned from office, it's another odd pronouncement – so on the list it goes.

3. Neil claims he has ‘never heard’ the Scots language

Also in February, Neil claimed that he had “never heard” the Scots language in response to Emma Harper’s use of Scots in Holyrood.

The National: Andrew Neil

Neil wrote on social media that he had “never heard anybody in Scotland or from Scotland speak like this” and that it was “pure performative nonsense” – all while using a profile picture which included the Scots phrase “nae numpties allowed”.

Oh dear. Who's the numpty now?

4. Neil claims Westminster ‘pours buckets of gold’ into Scotland

Fast forward two months, and Neil was heard on the airwaves claiming that Westminster had “poured buckets of gold” down Scotland’s throat and that there was an “anti-English strain” within the Scottish Government.

He called Scotland a “basket case” which is “in serious decline”, leading Scottish independence campaigner Lesley Riddoch to call him out: “What a load of absolute rubbish!”

5. Neil says Humza Yousaf will earn £52k a year after stepping down

Prior to today’s misjudgement, the last error from Neil came only two days ago on Wednesday, when he falsely claimed that Humza Yousaf would be entitled to £52k a year after stepping down as First Minister.

The Scottish Parliament published a clarification, saying that Yousaf’s pension would actually be “in the order of” £2000 per annum, payable from age 65.