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MY apologies to regular readers of Behind The Headlines – this week's newsletter is not for yourselves. It's for the Unionist trolls on Twitter who repeatedly ask our journalists: "Why would you work for an independence rag like The National?"

So, Murdo Fraser et al, let me give just a few reasons why I’m proud to work for The National, since this is clearly a question that pains you so, if the thousand times I've read it are anything to go by.

Firstly, and most obviously, I believe Scotland should be an independent nation – and no other title on our newsstands even comes close to that position.

The National: Believe In Scotland and Yes For EU rally for an independent Scotland, Edinburgh. Pictured are crowds in front of the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood...  Photograph by Colin Mearns.2 September 2023.

This week, we ran a story about Yes2Indee and Believe in Scotland coming together after a clash of dates between their events. It shows an independence movement coming together in pursuit of our wider objectives – and I’m proud that The National is here to report on that.

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Secondly, I work for the paper that this week and next is running exclusive reporting from David Pratt on the ground in Ukraine. And not only will you find that in our print edition – we have videos from the scene going live on social media.

David’s credentials are impeccable and you will not find better coverage of what this grim two-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion has meant for Ukraine.

The National: Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a meeting as he visits the State Healthcare Institution "Tula Regional Clinical Oncology Dispensary" in Tula, Russia, Friday, Feb. 2, 2024. (Artyom Geodakyan, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP).

Thirdly, I work for a paper that covers the big political stories of the day with firm principles behind it and unmatched live coverage.

Editor Laura Webster and her team were on top of every development in the shameful day that saw the Speaker throw the rulebook out to spare Keir Starmer from a rebellion over the SNP’s ceasefire motion.

No other title in the UK had the same range of coverage in print and online – from liveblogs to video clips to a colour piece from our Westminster reporter Hamish Morrison, who is one of only a very few Scottish journalists working there.

Our front page the next day focused on what this Starmer-and-Hoyle-made mess meant for Palestinians – because it must not be forgotten that this was all caused by the Labour leader’s steadfast commitment to refusing to acknowledge what is happening as collective punishment.

The National: Sir Lindsay Hoyle

I would also recommend a read of our Gaza diaries. And our newsletter spotlighting Scotland's trade unions. Or our seat-by-seat guide to the General Election.

So, I’m proud to work for The National and proud to serve our readers – whose commitment to fighting for a better Scotland I’ve seen first-hand time and again.

I hope that with coverage like the above, we can also make our readers proud of our work … and I’ll maybe take a little satisfaction in annoying Murdo, too, if you’ll forgive me that.