SCOTTISH independence project Future Voices has created a crowdfunder for a second series of videos staged in a future independent Scotland.

The Future Voices project, launched in September last year, was presented at the Believe in Scotland congress at the weekend, and was greeted with huge enthusiasm.

The non-party political team has created the short clips with activists playing the roles of future citizens.

Each video from the first series - which you can watch here - includes ordinary citizens speaking in the present tense, describing their daily life in Scotland.

This time, the group plans to expand into wider areas with diverse voices, all with the same positive vision of an independent Scotland.

The crowdfunder target sits at £5000 which Dunfermline and West Fife Yes Group, who are championing the project, say will all go towards video production.

Series one was partially funded by the Scottish Independence Foundation.

Jean Ferguson, treasurer of the project, said: "We need to appeal to people’s hearts, and give them a greater sense of belonging to a Scotland that cares and works and has fun together for the benefit of all."

The group is also already collaborating with Yes groups all across Scotland to give the new series a targeted and regional element.

You can contribute to the crowdfunder here.

Elsewhere in grassroots news - there is now only one march on Saturday, April 20

Believe in Scotland (BiS) and Yes2Indee were both due to host a march on Saturday, April 20 - one in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh.

BiS announced its intention to host a march and rally in Glasgow on the same day Yes2Indee had already set its march for Edinburgh. Now, Yes2Indee is rescheduling its event for "later in the summer".

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After discussions between the two groups, Yes2 marchers are set to follow the banners of hosts BiS and Pensioners for Independence in Glasgow. BiS will also assist in the promotion of Yes2Indee’s rescheduled Edinburgh march.

Both groups have said they are happy to have agreed to "co-operate for the benefit of the independence cause" rather than march on the same day. BiS has also said it takes full responsibility for the date clash.

It's good news for marchers and the movement. On the day, supporters won't be split in two for events - one big show is better than two smaller shows.  In the long-term, it sets a great example of two branches of Yes coming together to say, "Oops, date clash! Let's sort this."

The move does deserve celebration and congratulations to both sides.