A NATIONAL demonstration in protest of the ongoing atrocities in Gaza will be held in Glasgow on Saturday, with the route planned to go past the Scottish Labour party conference.

The demonstration, organised by the Gaza Genocide Emergency Committee in collaboration with other groups and the trade union movement, will start in George Square at 11am on Sunday. 

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) - Scotland’s largest trade union body – has organised a trade union bloc, which will meet at the Walter Scott monument in George Square. 

The STUC called for trade unionists across Scotland to join behind the banner, writing in a post on Twitter/X: “Enough. We reiterate our call for a #Ceasefirenow. All trade unionists and their unions are welcome to our bloc at the national demonstration this Saturday in Glasgow. 

“Stop the genocide. Stand up and be counted.” 

The demonstration will march towards the Scottish Labour party conference, taking place at Glasgow’s Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC). 

‘Peace must triumph’ 

The trade union movement has historically always shown its support for the Palestinian people. 

Trade unionists have gathered at demonstrations in support of Palestine long before October 7, demanding peace, justice and equality for all. 

The STUC’s general secretary, Roz Foyer, previously told The National: “If you look back to the history of colonialism and Britain’s role in that, much of the problems we’re seeing can be traced back to decisions that Britain was very much involved in. 

“There’s been a historic responsibility by the trade union movement to highlight the plight of the Palestinian people.” 

Speaking exclusively to The National on Tuesday, Foyer (below) said: “The STUC and the wider trade union movement have a long, proud and unapologetic history of supporting the people of Palestine.   

The National: Members from various trade unions gather for a pay protest rally at the Buchanan Street steps, Glasgow. Pictured is Roz Foyer, general secretary of the STUC...Photograph by Colin Mearns.26 August 2022.

“The escalation in this conflict, with the bombing and the slaughter now being inflicted on people within Rafah, cannot be allowed to pass unchecked.” 

Foyer added that the trade union movement had not been “silent” in condemning the actions of the Israeli Government whilst “an unfolding genocide has been taking place in Gaza”. 

She continued: “The attack of October 7 was inexcusable as has been the retaliation.  The fighting must cease. Aid must be allowed into the region. Peace must triumph. 

“This Saturday, we are calling on all those across our trade union movement and beyond to stand behind our banner in calling for an immediate ceasefire.” 

It comes as Israel has planned strikes on Rafah, the southernmost area of Gaza where an estimated 1.5 million Palestinians are currently displaced.