The National:

COMIC Janey Godley has reshared a hilarious voiceover in which she PREDICTED Nicola Sturgeon's WhatsApps.

Godley, who became a household name during the pandemic for her tongue-in-cheek versions of Sturgeon’s daily Covid briefings, shared the video after the former first minister's chief of staff Liz Lloyd appeared at the UK Covid Inquiry on Thursday.

Sharing the video, Godley wrote in all caps that she had been "absolutely bang on the money".

And, she really was.

In the voiceover, Godley said in her now iconic tone of Sturgeon: “Of course I deleted all the WhatsApp messages, you couldn’t of read them! I called absolutely everybody a f***ing c***. 

Between Dominic Cummings and his trip to f***ing Barnard Castle, you should have seen what I called that b***ard Boris Johnson.

"And then, I’ll tell you what I called Jacob Rees-Mogg – it involves the words long, p*shy and c*unt in it.

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“So aye, they all had to be deleted – I couldn’t stop f***ing swearing and arguing with everybody on it. And people are like that, 'where’s your WhatsApp messages?', f***ing bury it in the garden, away and get another tent and have a dig for them.”

Her online fans reacted with laughter and said they had thought of Godley's interpretations of the briefing while reading the WhatsApps.

To be fair, the Jouker did read most of the cheekier WhatsApps in Godley's voice.

Sturgeon DID in fact describe Boris Johnson as a “f****** clown” in one message and said his comms "are [beyond] awful".

One user on social media suggested that when she sent the message, that maybe Sturgeon "was channelling her inner Godley!?".

Maybe she was, and maybe we all should when it comes to Boris Johnson.